Fundraising instructions

Step 1: Read over Fundraising Policies.

Step 2: Submit complete

Step 3: Submit completed Request Form & Flyer

Step 4: Once the Request Form & Flyer are approved, promote the event.

Step 5: Enjoy the event

Oz will donate up... to 30% of all pre-tax sales generated by
of reimbursement is determined by the number of All You Can Eats

30% Reimbursement: 30 or more All You Can Eats

20% Reimbursement: 29-30 All You Can Eats


Oz Location


Elk Grove

Event Date

Estimated # of attendees

- Events may only be held Monday – Friday.

- A flyer must be sent in and approved before an event can become official.

- We do not allow any type of soliciting of fundraising events on or near our premise; individuals found violating this policy.

- Will VOID the fundraising event.


Contact Name

Phone Number


Organization Name

Brief Description about the organization

How did you hear about OZ fundraising

“I understand this is only an initial request and does not guarantee my
fundraiser will be approved. I will not promote the fundraiser until official flyers have been approved with an approval e-mail from OZ.”

“I understand that if my organization does not bring in at least 20 and All you can eats on the day of the fundraiser that we will not be
eligible to receive upto 30% of the sales from our supporters”